preston blair: how to animate

Every animation student should have a copy of “How to Animate” by Preston Blair – a book that’s trained countless animators over the decades. Here’s a sample page to give you a taste:

The links were broken, this may change, so FWIW:

Click on the different images at the linked site for larger versions!

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18 Responses to preston blair: how to animate

  1. Drawings for animation is very perfect and excellent.

  2. Sherry Umlah says:

    Looks like the links are broken 🙁

  3. vaibhav says:

    i’m huge fan of Preston Blair

  4. Jo says:

    Hello, I’ve been watching your tutorials on Your instruction is great! I just wanted to let you know that these links to the book volumes are broken.

    • Thyrsty says:

      I think the links are broken because the Animation Archive site is down due to lack of funding…which is a shame. Hope AFISA finds a way to bring it back online.

  5. Grisel says:

    The links are broken 🙁 Great page

  6. Ruth says:

    Does anyone who has downloaded the books (volume 1 and 2) presviously, could send me the files or put them available somewhere on the net? Thanks

  7. Ken says:

    Dermot~ liking your work with it’s made a fan outta me. Try and not let the mean world get you down, you’re doing great things – be happy and proud of that.

  8. venkatesan says:

    very usfull drawing…..

  9. fbt says:

    what about richard williams animators survival kit, is it as good as preston blairs book?

  10. Ed says:

    Just copy this url:

    into a download manager, and you will download it,
    or into a browser url window …. pdf will load in the browser

  11. karthikeyan says:

    super…. thanks lot that Pdf is ver y useful

  12. Ally says:

    If the book has this much illustrations, I definitely need it. Examples make learning so much easier and quicker, especially where animation is concerned. Next up airbrushing!

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