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My third tutorial is up. It shows how to create an advanced face/head setup in Flash. Though it was recorded in CS6, it’s backwards compatible for the most part. I used the old Macromedia v8 to build the course files.

Rigging a Face in Flash Professional

In this course, author Dermot O’ Connor offers experienced Flash designers a step-by-step guide for creating and animating a full-featured cartoon face in Adobe Flash Professional. The course begins with some best practices for setting up the rig and moves on to building facial features such as the mouth and eyes, sculpting the mouth to simulate dialogue, and creating a range of expressions. The course also shows how to rotate the head using poses, move the rig along multiple axes, and incorporate audio.

My first course – how to animate characters: Flash Professional CS5: Character Animation

And the second, fun tips & tricks: Animation Tips and Tricks with Flash Professional

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16 Responses to third Lynda tutorial online

  1. Steve says:

    I can’t wait to start up my Lynda subscription again this Month. I wrote you an email at your incubate pictures account last week wondering when your next tutorial will go up, so this will be a real treat.

    You should really look into selling your own tutorials and skip the middleman. You are a great teacher and your voice is very calming unlike the other tutorials on

    Keep up the good fight, Dermot.

  2. Sex Mahoney says:

    These are always appreciated. Thank you again (x3).

  3. Manas Sahoo says:

    Dear Sir,
    I really want to say you thanx for your beautiful tutes..You really taught me how to animate in flash before I watch some your videos, I did n’t like to work in flash but after watching some of your videos, I fall in love with flash.
    In our Indian words – Teacher(Guru) is someone who help you to love that topic which you don’t like to study..and You are the one for whom I like to work in flash now…

    Your a really the ‘GURU’ for me and always will be..

    Thanx a lot Sir


  4. the fed says:

    hi dermot !I have a doubt. The normal standard for animation is usually 24fps, however I’ve talked to many people who recommend using 30fps instead. What are your opinions on the two speeds? They both have their benefits and drawbacks, but in your personal opinion, which one would you believe to be better?

    • dermot says:

      Given that everything these days is heading towards digital, 30fps seems safest. Chances are 99% that everything ends up on a digital medium, playing on an HD tv at 30fps anyway.

  5. highplainsbubba says:

    Just finished the Flash Professional CS5: Character Animation class on Lynda. I really enjoyed it. I got a whole new insight into how animation is done. You have a voice much like the snake in “Jungle Book”. I was entranced. Looking forward to taking the rest of your classes.

  6. Good work, please keep sharing. Thanks to share your nice blog.

  7. Very nice tutorials on animation. Really it is useful.

    Thanks for sharing

  8. Shamim says:

    old is gold so you use old Macromedia v8 to build the course files. great.

    • dermot says:

      Yes; there’s very little reason to upgrade much further. The only reason that an animator might want a higher version would be to use the ‘bones/IK’ tool, but even that’s been taken out of CS(cloud), along with object level undo.

      Also, the final Macromedia version is faster in handling big scenes.

  9. Robin says:

    it’s backwards compatible for the most part. Thanks

    • dermot says:

      You’re welcome! We went to great lengths with the earlier courses to down-save the flash files (it drives me bonkers that Adobe are so sleazy with their saving strategy).

      I keep a copy of CS5.5, CS4, CS3 and Macro8, just to allow me to downgrade the project files, so that I can work in Macromedia v8 (the only version that I can tolerate).

  10. Wonderful tutorial..Thanks for sharing.

  11. AnuSri says:

    Excellent post..Thanks for sharing on the wonderful topic with useful informations

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