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I’m 99% through the process of converting my film ‘There’s No Tomorrow’ into a comic book, with the superior title ‘To Boldly Grow’. Here are some sample pages from the second chapter, which deals with alternatives to fossil fuels, and why they fall short.

Click on the images for the larger size version.

I’m very happy with this one, which updates some of the date from the original film (the fracking boom was in full swing when TNT was released, which certainly suppressed the potential audience). Recently, the US gov downgraded one of the major fracking sites by 95%, so it seems that this particular bubble is about to burst.

People have a hard time understanding just how dependent their lifestyle is on electricity and cheap energy. Another example: a single 60w light bulb would require the effort of 6 humans pedaling dynamos around the clock.

The famous ‘cubic mile of oil’. Again, the sheer scale of oil and fossil fuel consumption challenges our powers of visualisation. This image isn’t original to me, as it was floating around the internet, but I took it and re-drew it for the film/comic.

The cubic mile of oil becomes two cubic miles of coal:

When I showed the completed first sequence of TNT to a friend, his first question was “What about Ethanol?” – at which point I knew that I had to devote an entire sequence to Whataboutery. There is no end to Whataboutery of course, as a true believer always has their favourite energy saviour, and a reason why it is special. Nevertheless, the idea that Ethanol will run the global fleet is particularly absurd:

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