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grosseteste: bishop of the century!

Another character from my huge ‘Continuum’ walking page: Grosseteste (ca. 1168–1253), one of the great intellects of medieval Europe (click for large version). A couple of words about this ‘Continuum’ project of mine: the overall theme is an attack on binary thinking or the … Continue reading

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avicenna: philosopher, scientist, genius!

Another character from my huge ‘Continuum’ walking page: Avicenna (980-1037), one of the greatest influences on medieval Europe: Brittania entry: Avicenna’s most important work of philosophy and science is Kitāb al-shifāʾ, which is a four-part encyclopaedia covering logic, physics, mathematics, and … Continue reading

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flash palette: a custom improvement!

It’s not news that the default palette for Flash is dreadful. There’s not much that you can do with this, other than pretend it’s not there: I made my own early in the 2000s; it’s much more subdued (maybe a … Continue reading

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al ma’arri, the great poet of 11th century Syria.

A favourite character from my huge ‘Continuum’ walking page, al ma’arri (973-1057): From Brittanica: al-Maʿarrī, (born December 973, near Aleppo, Syria—died May 1057), great Arab poet, known for his virtuosity and for the originality and pessimism of his vision. …  A childhood … Continue reading

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continuum: philosophers

Some details from the enormous ‘Continuum’ walking page: The philosopher Plotinus: And al Farabi:

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why do movie posters suck?

I’ve written a long post about the awfulness of movie posters, book covers, and magazines. It’s posted on idleworm, as I like to keep the posts here focused more on personal work & animation.

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krita (free photoshop alternative)

I’ve been playing with this a little, and so far it seems like a very useful program – much more intuitive than GIMP, which is a real horror to use, in my opinion. Krita has some very nice brushes. I’ve … Continue reading

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