lynda course: toonboom animate / harmony essential training

My fifth course for Lynda has gone online – and it was a great deal of hard work! I made a special effort to make the steep learning curve as shallow as possible. We all know that most people can pick up Flash and start animating scenes quite quickly, but Toonboom Animate/Harmony takes a little longer to come to terms with – to be expected, because the program has so many more features, and a different workflow.

lynda flash animation thumbnails

I’d recommend this course for anyone interested in moving past Flash, as I get the distinct impression that a major switch is under way in the animation world, from Adobe Flash to Toonboom Harmony.

Here are the rest of my Lynda courses.

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4 Responses to lynda course: toonboom animate / harmony essential training

  1. Trygve says:

    Watched the whole course last week, and it was excellent! So now I’m watching your other courses at Lynda too. Thanks a lot, very inspiring!

    • dermot says:

      Glad you liked it!

      I’m starting work on another course already; will be dealing with drawing in the classic/traditional animation style.

  2. fembot00 says:

    Your course on on Harmony is really great! Coming from After Effects and Final Cut Pro background your tutorials were some of the best I have taken on Lynda.

    • dermot says:

      Thanks! I just wrapped another Harmony course; should be out in a few weeks. It shows how to migrate from Flash to Harmony, demonstrating the Flash tools and processes, and how to do the same in Harmony. Though I think a Harmony student could just ignore the Flash bits and use it also.

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