lynda course: foundations of drawing cartoon characters

My latest course for Lynda has gone online – and it’s the most fun yet! The course teaches the classic animation drawing techniques, which are also applicable to comic books. This was a 28 year long ‘brain dump’, in which I included everything that I could remember from working for Don Bluth in the late 80s, through to working with the masters of the classic design style Terry Shakespeare and David Molina (of ‘Creative Capers’ in Los Angeles).

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Follow this link to get 10 days of free unlimited access to This will also allow you to see the course, for free.

Even if you’re not interested in following a traditional animation or comic book path, watching the course will give you an appreciation of the skills required to make an appealing cartoon or animated character.

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10-day free trial

The course doesn’t just come with the movie lessons, it also comes with a 66 page handout, which is a book in its own right. Here are some sample pages to give you a sense of the scope. Click the image for the full size version.

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8 Responses to lynda course: foundations of drawing cartoon characters

  1. Kathryn Ault Noble says:

    Looks most excellent! You KNOW you need this, Kathryn. Yes, yes, I do.

  2. Matt Strott says:

    I’m halfway through watching this course and it’s amazing! So much good information packed into such a concise and clear format. I love it… wish I’d had all this when I first started drawing cartoons. Thanks for making this course Dermot!!

  3. Richard says:

    I watched the entire course in one sitting. You’ve done an amazing job, Dermot. Seriously, this is probably one of these best courses on drawing I’ve ever taken. I know I’ll have to watch it multiple times — there’s so much to take in. But I’m going to start using so many of your techniques immediately on my current projects. Thanks!

    • dermot says:

      many thanks for the feedback Richard! The course seems to be doing very well. I stuffed everything I could remember over the last 25 years into it!

  4. Scott says:

    Dermot, thanks so much for your Lynda course! I’ve tried to work out of books – Richard Williams and Preston Blair amongst others, but I really found your course pulled it all together in an easy to digest way. Love your work, thanks so much for this it’s really great.

    • dermot says:

      Thanks Scott!

      I don’t know if there are any actual books that cover the specific nitty gritty of drawing in the Disney/Bluth style. ‘Illusion of Life’ has sections, of course, but it always tends to be a general skim of the subject. Meaning no disrespect to any of the existing titles, but I have more pages on how to draw hands than most do on how to draw the entire body, for example! Almost to the point of being silly – a page on treatments styles for knuckes & fingernails!

      Of course, R. Williams is essential for animation, esp. mechanics and walks/runs – I don’t think anyone will ever come close to that again!

  5. Tenjo City says:

    thanks for your article…

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