photoshop timeline glitch

If anyone can help with this inexcusable photoshop glitchery, please let me know. I was hoping to use PS timeline/animation feature to create some walk cycles for a future Lynda course, but this glitch / buggery renders PS utterly unfit for that task. A shame, because I’d like to use the PS brush tools, as they’ll look much nicer in print form. Oh well.

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  1. Milos says:

    Hi, I had same problem you have and actually it’s not a glitch but part of the way they designed this animation feature.

    First frame have higher hierarchy than other layers so for example if you turn one layer in let’s say 4 frames, and you move it in first frame, change of position will be applied to all frames, but if you move it in let’s say 3-rd frame it will be applied to just that layer. So when you are trying to activate layer that was made for frame 2 in 3-rd frame it will not have same position as it have in 2-nd frame but position he have in first frame, so first frame is like master frame and it influence all frames regardless of which layer is activated or where it is. Try it out and you will see yourself, this was actually very painful lesson for me.

    Best solution for this is that when you want to move some element in frames that are different from 1-st, select all frames before you move it. Also if you want to move something in first frame and you don’t want it to influence other frames, drag first frame on second position, do the change, and move it back to first place.

    Hope this was helpful. 🙂

    Best luck, Milos.

  2. This is a great plugin that my solve your problem…

  3. emanuel says:

    Ive been working in ps cs6 with an extension called animdessin… its not perfect but it makes the job a lot easier .and you can use the brushes!!

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