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RIP, adobe flash (sorta)

By now, many will have heard about Adobe’s decision to bid farewell to Flash, at least in name. The following are my thoughts, as they relate to animators and designers, the second class citizens of the Flash world. * A … Continue reading

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lynda course: migrate from Flash to Harmony

My latest course for has gone online: ‘Migrating from Flash to Toon Boom Harmony’ It teaches a Flash animator how their favourite Flash tools and processes correspond to the Harmony equivalent. The first twelve years of my animation career … Continue reading

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photoshop timeline glitch

If anyone can help with this inexcusable photoshop glitchery, please let me know. I was hoping to use PS timeline/animation feature to create some walk cycles for a future Lynda course, but this glitch / buggery renders PS utterly unfit … Continue reading

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lynda course: foundations of drawing cartoon characters

My latest course for Lynda has gone online – and it’s the most fun yet! The course teaches the classic animation drawing techniques, which are also applicable to comic books. This was a 28 year long ‘brain dump’, in which … Continue reading

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lynda course: toonboom animate / harmony essential training

My fifth course for Lynda has gone online – and it was a great deal of hard work! I made a special effort to make the steep learning curve as shallow as possible. We all know that most people can … Continue reading

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grosseteste: bishop of the century!

Another character from my huge ‘Continuum’ walking page: Grosseteste (ca. 1168–1253), one of the great intellects of medieval Europe (click for large version). A couple of words about this ‘Continuum’ project of mine: the overall theme is an attack on binary thinking or the … Continue reading

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avicenna: philosopher, scientist, genius!

Another character from my huge ‘Continuum’ walking page: Avicenna (980-1037), one of the greatest influences on medieval Europe: Brittania entry: Avicenna’s most important work of philosophy and science is Kitāb al-shifāʾ, which is a four-part encyclopaedia covering logic, physics, mathematics, and … Continue reading

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flash palette: a custom improvement!

It’s not news that the default palette for Flash is dreadful. There’s not much that you can do with this, other than pretend it’s not there: I made my own early in the 2000s; it’s much more subdued (maybe a … Continue reading

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al ma’arri, the great poet of 11th century Syria.

A favourite character from my huge ‘Continuum’ walking page, al ma’arri (973-1057): From Brittanica: al-Maʿarrī, (born December 973, near Aleppo, Syria—died May 1057), great Arab poet, known for his virtuosity and for the originality and pessimism of his vision. …  A childhood … Continue reading

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continuum: philosophers

Some details from the enormous ‘Continuum’ walking page: The philosopher Plotinus: And al Farabi:

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