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  1. Eddie Young says:

    I’m really enjoying your hand drawn animation tutorial on Thanks very much for all your hard work on that one!

    I tried to install the Key Frame Jumper plugin in Flash CC, and I got an error message. Does that plugin not work with the “CC” version of Flash?

    Thanks!! Eddie

    • dermot says:

      Drat; it sounds like they’ve messed up CC even more than I thought. You might want to email the guy who wrote the plugin and let him know, maybe he’ll patch it.

      Other crazy things they did in CC was remove object level undo (so now your undo history is threaded through all the symbols you work on, instead of each symbol having its own nested undo history. And they pulled out Bones (OK, it was glitchy, but you could coax it to work). I animated all the character gameplay in the Disney game ‘Where’s My Water’ in Bones, and that game was huge.

      But Adobe don’t seem too concerned about animators or designers.

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